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  Shen zhen Kemawell Packaging Machinery Co.,LTD Located in 46 Industrial Park, East RingRoad, manholes street, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

KemawellTechnology Service Company is a research and development, design, productionand sales, specializing in non-standard automation equipment, according tocustomer demand, to improve production efficiency, enhance product quality andreduce labor costs to provide cost-effective ideas and solutions.

  Precipitation, years of technical experienceand thinking innovation, the company has a unique core competitiveness Kemwelland advanced research technology in the field of automation equipment of daily chemicalproducts, can produce equipment comparable to similar foreign products of highquality, high technology, high level. The company has long been well-knownmetal products Co., Ltd. at home and abroad; bottle cap packaging Co., Ltd. toprovide automatic production equipment and complete sets of automationequipment production line, to ensure the quality of products in the process ofusing the manufacturer.

 Kemawell company has carried out qualitymanagement system, has the perfect product maintenance, repair, spare partssupply and non-standard parts design and manufacturing capabilities. Ourproducts are widely used in liquor bottle caps, cosmetics, metal products, capsand medical equipment and other industries.

  Kemawell companies adhere to the "integritymanagement, create value for the customer" principle, to the production ofreliable quality products, and dedication to provide customers withsatisfactory service. Kemawell always adhere to the customer's interests first,adhering to the "professional, accurate, reliable, hard work," thepurpose of automation is committed to providing customers with a moreappropriate and more comprehensive solution

Kemawell honor

The founder of the company has made many new technology patents in the field of bottle cap packaging equipment。

  • A n type trajectory cam manipulator

  • Torsion torque electrification adjusting mechanism

  • An assembly machine with cam connecting rod structure

  • A rope cutting device with fixed length cutting rope

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